Anticorrosive Paint

Zinc Epoxy Primer

Anticorrosive and anti rust primer for stainless steel, aluminum alloy and galvanized sheet.
Product Formation:
Two component self-drying paint, group A is composed of epoxy resin, filler, zinc yellow pigment and solvent, group B is curing agent
Product Features:
. Excellent corrosion resistance
. Good substrate adhesion
. Low temperature curing, self - drying at room temperature
Anticorrosive and anti rust primer for stainless steel, aluminum alloy and galvanized sheet
Paint:25 kg/bucket  Curing agent: 3 kg/bucket
Technical Data:
Color and appearance of paint film         Zinc yellow, paint film formation
Solid content, %                                      ≥60
Fineness                                                  ≤60
Flash point, ℃                                         27
Viscosity (Stormer viscometer), KU       80-100
Dry film thickness, um                            50
Drying time (25 degrees C), H                surface dry2h, hard dry≤24h, Fully cured 7d
Adhesion (zoned method), class             ≤1
Impact strength, kg, CM                         ≥50
Flexibility, mm                                       1
Salt Water resistance, 25℃                    72 hrs
Double Coating Interval Time:
Temperature              5℃             25℃             40℃            
Shortest time             24h              12h              8h
Longest time                            no limited                             
Surface Treatment:
All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of contamination. Before painting, should be assessed and treated in accordance with standard of the ISO8504:2000.
Auxiliary Paint :
Epoxy, chlorinated rubber, acrylic acid, polyurethane topcoat.
Construction Condition:
The temperature of the base floor is not less than 0℃, and at least 3℃ than the air dew point temperature, the relative humidity must less than 85% (should be measured near the base material), fog, rain, snow, wind and rain is strictly prohibited construction.
Construction MSethod:
Spraying: non air spraying or air spraying. Recommended use the high pressure non gas spraying.
Brush / roll coating: must achieve the specified dry film thickness.

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